The Martial Rangers program is for children 7 – 12 years old and focuses on refining the essential skills acquired in early development – gross and fine motor skills, coordination, balance and agility. At this stage we are also weary of the cognitive and emotional changes children experience and encourage strict martial arts principles of respect, discipline and self control as apart of a holistic approach to training.

In summary the Martial Rangers program focuses on:

  • Refining and developing gross and fine motor skills through martial arts training;
  • Health, physical fitness and flexibility, which is very important for growing bodies;
  • Understanding positive martial arts principles and how they should apply to students’ everyday lives; and
  • Building sociable individuals through team-building exercises and group interaction.

 The program also provides an exciting opportunity to venture into various areas of martial arts, whether that be sparring, poomsae, weapons training and leadership programs. Our attitude towards training is different to that of many other martial arts schools: We use competition as a confidence and team building tool for our club and students.