Our School programs are suitable for bothPrimary and Secondary schools.
Students learn basic martial arts skills like kicking, punching and self defense techniques whilst learning martial arts values such as discipline and respect.
The activities, drills and concepts we exercise are specifically created to get everyone involved in a social, fun and supportive atmosphere.
Our programs target 5 different areas:


  • Increasing their fitness with martial arts drills and exercises learnt from training all over the world.


  • Educating students on how to avoid and handle situations.
  • Prevents students from becoming the bully through teaching self control and discipline.


  • Guiding students to have a positive mind set in training
  • Learning to apply a positive mind set in their studies as well as other aspects in life


  • Through our time with the students we emphasis on building their character inside and out giving them the confidence they need to be leaders and good role models in our society.


  • Engaging students in group activities to increase confidence and participation.
  • Creating a supportive team environment and getting the class to bond through challenging group activities.