Travis Fernandez


Travis has been a martial artist since the age of 6. He is a founding member of MAS and is a 3rd degree Black Belt PR actioner in Taekwondo.
Travis is a young man who knows how to be a role model to all who meet him.

Travis has trained internationally with some of the best Coaches in the world. He has represented Australia and competed against the worlds best.

Travis is a person who has accepted being responsible from a young age. He is a testament to what a real martial should be a Leader to our youth who can be inspired by displays in his skills and his gentle humble nature.His passion for the ART will enable all who are taught by him to learn not just physical skills but also Life skills in how to make Taekwondo become a WAY OF LIFE.

    • Kukkiwon 2nd degree Black Belt
    • M.A.S Demo Team Leader Captain
    • M.A.S Grading Instructor Certified
    • 10 years experience
    • 7 years teaching experience
    • Numerous times State Champion
    • National Champion
    • International Oceania Bronze Medallist