Vanessa Hextall

Its a great work out! I have tried many places before and not got the results i have with this class. Its an awesome environment and a determind coach that will push you to your limits. MUST TRY!

Brogan Stewart

Australian Team Representative Hey there boys and girls of M.A.S My name is Brogan, What can I say about your instructor Terrence? He is a very skilled fighter, one of the best I have fought maybe the best. I have had the privilege of competing against Terrence; he is a fierce competitor with a lot of talent which you boys and girls have the opportunity to learn from him. So don’t waste a minute! As you would predict I won, just kidding he beat me. But I have learnt a lot from him which has made me a better fighter today. What I have seen from competitions you boys and girls have the talent to go far like Terrence and further. – Good luck train hard, stay sharp, focused and work on your goals!

Mitchell Reylin

After joining MAS three and a half years ago, I look back today realising how much I have evolved not only physically but emotionally and mentally as well. The family like atmosphere consistently brings out the best in each and every member. The instructors know how to bond with each and every student, through constantly checking their progress and encouraging them on their journey every step of the way. I would highly recommend MAS to anyone who wants to get active and meet new friends.

Ravina Mistry

M.A.S has given me a new family i can depend on. It has helped me find myself in the rush of the world. It has taught me what it means to be a good role model & has increased my strength, confidence, power and flexibility. It has also show me the world. The exposure to tournaments and competitions has shown me how big the world really is and that i have the ability to be seen in this crowd. Cardio Combat class! Best workout ever! (especially for girls 🙂 The atmosphere is so energised, which makes the punching that much more fun! 😀

Kathy Memovic

“Excellent MAS program for Preschoolers, my daughter Arianna has gained discipline, knowledge and great self-esteem. Thank you Master Terrence and all his lovely team. One satisfied customer”

Austin Luangrath

Martial arts spirit is a great club. It is great in both aspects of martial arts. it has a friendly vibe and great instructors and coaches. they have a variety of programs kids-adults. I recommend this to anyone who wants to try something new or who just wants to get fit.

Kim Angelica Albarico

Without the support of Martial Arts Spirit and many other people, I wouldn’t be striving towards my black belt or trying to socialise and come out of my ‘shell’. I want to train harder and one day become an Olympic champion.

Elijah Alia Mohammed

M.A.S. has done a lot for me. Throughout these seven years, I have felt blessed to be apart of a club like Martial Arts Spirit. This club has given me confidence, as well as fitness and flexibility. However, the thing I am most thankful for is the amazing family that it has given me.

Ian Veljka Spirovski

M.A.S. Taekwondo has had more of an effect on me than my family had expected. I had originally joined because I was bullied, teased, and attacked physically and verbally. I joined the club as a nervous, shy boy, yet today I am a proud fighter and representative of the club. However, the journey wasn’t that simple; it took time. Without the support of the Fernandez family and my own family, I would never have accomplished my goals in life. M.A.S. has made me a confident person and I have made many friends. This club is my second home and is a place where I feel wanted. I am so thankful for knowing everyone here and I am especially thankful for coach, Terrence, for believing in me and believing that I could achieve what I had set out to achieve.

Thank you once again for everything. I am glad and proud to be apart of such an amazing family.

Puja Mistry

M.A.S. Taekwondo has done a lot for me. It has improved my power, flexibility, speed, and also my knowledge. It has also helped me gain courage, faith in myself, the ability to make friends and to try my best in everything I do. M.A.S. Taekwondo has given me a new family, who made me realise that there is a fighter in everyone. Martial Arts Spirit has done more for me than just teach Taekwondo, but it has given me a new life.