Abdo Youseff

Hey my name is Abdo and well….
before i joined MAS two years ago, i was that lazy kid who became the “couch potato” of the family. i used to over eat, sleep in the day, not pay attention in school and all i could think about was video games.

but it was just the after the first lesson of teakowndo when something struck me. i felt i had a part to play, almost like a picture in a picture and part of something bigger, it felt great.

Believe me, i have never felt better ever since that day. after a couple of lessons, i had set a “golden goal” to become the best that i could be in every good way. 2 years after joining….. i have become better, stronger, faster, more active, made some awesome friends and i am also peforming well in school studies.

taekwondo isn’t just about power and speed, it is also about grace and fluency and knowing theres no limit to what we can do. taekwondo is a something that i will never regret doing.