Angela Zhang

Ni Hiao everyone!! My name is Ya jing but very one calls me Angela. Before starting Taekwondo with MAS I was shy, timid, quiet and not able to do anything myself. To make things harder I had just move into the area and my English was still very basic. This meant I was bullied for not being able to fit in properly. This made me unable to come out of a shell that I had built for myself. This continued for sooooo long. Until my parents enrolled me to English tutoring and found MAS next door. From there on MAS has supported me through very challenge that was thrown at me. With that I was able to compete in major competitions, get my black belt and able to pass on all my learning to younger kids who wish to learn Taekwondo. This raps up my story with MAS and guess what? I’ve been with them for 8 years now and no matter what happens later on in life I will always be part of the MAS family.