Emil Farhan

Hi guys my name is Emil and I attend the LCC club. I reccently was lucky enough to recieve my redbelt.Before I started at taekwondo I was close to becoming overweight and was a very lazy kid. After a while MAS starts to become not just a hobbie but it becomes your family and your second home. I am starting to do things i never would have imagined and to see myslef get this far I can proudly hold my head high and say that I actually did somthing. If anybody has second thoughts aboout joining I highly reccomend that you just try it because if theres anything that i regret about taekwondo it is that I didnt do it sooner:D. They say that you cant love somthing untill you try it and I will say that is deffinetly the case at MAS. Between Coach and Sir Ive actually gone places and I will reccomend this club over any other. Thank you for taking the time 🙂 Yours sincerely Emil.