Jalen Rodriguez

Hi my name is Jalen Rodriguez I am a 1st dan black belt and been apart of M.A.S for 8 years. I would like to thank M.A.S for providing a family unit for kids and families to come together not to just train but to feel the love that the club has established Im so grateful to have a place we can all come to express and find refuge with the never-ending company we got here. The love from the club is the keystone that brings out the best of each and one of us. It’s the love that no other taekwondo club has to offer and I can testify that growing up within this club I’ve witness the changes in myself and everyone else that’s been apart of M.A.S. I feel great pride to have taekwondo in my life and to share the things we do at M.A.S. Growing up with M.A.S has benefited me keeping me on the straight path away from the bad stuff that these youth are being expose to and getting involved with in today’s generation. I am very thankful for being a member of M.A.S, I’ve been taught to be humble throughout my entire time here. I know that I’m not perfect but I do know that M.A.S is perfect and I wouldn’t be coming to M.A.S if I didn’t truly believe that what we have here can change your life.